Ultimate Access by Tal Roberts in Sun Valley, Idaho

The Sun Valley area is an amazing place to explore in the mountains. These images are a documentation of some of the options people have when out here.

Name:Tal Roberts



Skateboarding, snowboarding, riding bikes, walking dogs.

Tell us about Sun Valley:

Sun Valley has amazing access to almost anything a person passionate about getting outdoors could want: a mountain with great terrain and no lift lines, miles upon miles of mountain bike trails, two super fun skateparks, mountain lakes and rivers, and fresh air.

A perfect day?

A late spring day starting off with a coffee and trip to the dog park. Then head up to Bald Mountain to slash around on the slush, followed by a quick tailgate session with friends in the Greyhawk parking lot. Then over to the Ketchum skatepark to roll around with a super hyped crew until sunset. Round out the day with dinner and a couple beers at any of the great spots in town all within a mile of home.

What is the best thing about Sun Valley?

How much you can do in one day.

What is the worst?

It’s not always the easiest place to get to and from but that is what keeps it from changing.

What would be surprising about Sun Valley to an outsider?

That it is so uncrowded.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Thomas Campbell, Brian Gaberman, Michael Sieben



Name:Tal Roberts

City:Sun Valley

Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:


Favorite shop:

Board Bin

Local Tip:

You can drive down most dirt roads right outside of town and find awesome free campsites.

Must Do:

Make some local friends so you have good tour guides.