#tooperfect by Sam Rosenblatt in Nashville, Tennessee

A new resident of one of America’s most famous and diverse cities, Sam Rosenblatt spends his days documenting life in Nashville with his iPhone. He creates beautiful full frame images that absolutely shine in a square obsessed community. It’s all perfect. Almost too perfect. If you’re like us you will stalk his Instagram feed. Spend an hour searching for just one mediocre image, (you won’t find one), and then tell all your friends. Follow Sam Rosenblatt’s Instagram feed here.

Name:Sam Rosenblatt

Place you live? Nashville, Tennessee

Can you sum up Nashville? I moved to Nashville at the beginning of 2014, so I’m relatively new to the city. In my short time here, I have come to realize that despite its size, Nashville is one of the most diverse and culturally rich cities in this area of America. While it is typically known for its music culture, I would say that what impressed me most was the variety and quality of the restaurant industry.

If someone was visiting what must they do? I would recommend going to Barista Parlor on the east side and ordering a cortado and a sausage biscuit. That coffee is from the future.

What are the best restaurants in Nashville? As far as a meal goes— Two Ten Jack is a pretty tight spot that offers some authentic Japanese home-style cuisine. Their pork ramen is awesome. I would also recommend Husk. They offer farm-to-table southern style cuisine. The pig ear lettuce wraps are out of this world.

When did start using Instagram? I got my Instagram account in 2012 when I did a bicycle tour from Virginia to Oregon.

What is your editing process? I shoot on an Iphone 5 and do my post processing in SnapSeed.

Do you take photos outside Instagram? I’m constantly taking photographs outside of Instagram. I work with Medium and Large Format cameras. Instead of pulling Polaroids, I’ll sometimes proof on my iPhone, and try and match the large format once I’m happy with the shot.

Because of this workflow, my feed and outside work has become very connected. I even post some of my Instagram photos on my website, and occasionally print them for shows.

Who are three of your favorite Instagammers? Three of my favorite artists working on Instagram are: @thisisnow_here@seanlemoine, and @grandboisk. Those folks are seriously talented and always inspiring.



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