Winter Swells by James Kazebee in Encinitas, California

This time of year there are very few people in the campground, yet the weather can be very nice. Now is a good time for the locals to enjoy the beach.

Name:James Kazebee

Delivery driver


Photography, surfing, scuba diving, guitar.

Tell us about Encinitas:

Encinitas is a beach town with an interesting laid back, earthy, progressive vibe. People here live active, healthy lifestyles, free of exclusive, local attitudes that other beach towns have.

A perfect day?

My perfect day in Encinitas is a warm fall day, when the crowds have gone away and the winter swells begin to roll in.

What is the best thing about Encinitas?

On a clear day, the San Diego coastline can be seen for miles.

What is the worst?

The worst thing is… well, I can’t think of anything. I’m very fortunate to live here.

What would be surprising about Encinitas to an outsider?

Unfortunately, the cost of living is very high here.

If Encinitas was a person or character who would it be?

The Big Lebowski with money in the bank.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

I’ve always liked Ansel Adams. Recently, I’ve come to like the work of Susan Taylor and Ty Schmitt.


Name:James Kazebee


Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

Lost Abbey Brewery

Favorite shop:


Local Tip:

During the summer, on the third Thursday of each month, all the classic cars come out.

Must Do:

Enjoy the great restaurants and the beaches.