Yes, Michigan by Peter Baker in Detroit, Michigan, USA

I’ve long felt that Detroit is to Michigan as Michigan is to America. We saw the removal of the manufacturing industry here first, years ago, and it’s now being seen everywhere else. We’re the canary in America’s coal mine. So while it’s easy for people to dismiss it as a Detroit problem, or a Michigan problem, it just happened here first.
But I am also generally excited about the future here. The people that have stuck around are the kind of die-hards that make things happen. And Detroit is becoming cool and bohemian again in ways a lot of people are looking for.
Besides, the best parts of the state, the lakes and beaches and peninsulas and forests and dunes, they don’t care about any of this. As long as they’re still here, I’m happy. Though, I’d kill for a decent rail system.

Name:Peter Baker

Place you live: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Place your photos were taken: Detroit, Michigan

Occupation: designer/programmer/photographer

A perfect day in Ann Arbor? A walk by the river and kickball in the park