Hollywood, Print from Jonpaul Douglass in Los Angeles, California

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Modern Black photo frame (with clipping path)

Name: Jonpaul Douglass

Place you live: Los Angeles

Occupation: Freelance photographer.

Can you sum up Los Angeles in a paragraph? Los Angeles is too much to grasp in a short visit. It takes years before it can even feel familiar to a person. The best way to describe LA is that it’s like 10 magical cities in one, all very different from each other. No other city I have experienced offers as much diversity and culture. Los Angeles is the perfect place to remain inspired.

Describe a perfect day in Los Angeles. The best days for me are the ones full of surprises. What’s great about LA is that surprises happen all of the time. You never know what you’ll stumble upon or whom you’ll run into: film sets, celebrities, events, street art, pop up markets, or just occurrences of complete randomness.

What do you love about your city? I love that it provides me with never-ending inspiration. I can go for a drive every day and turn down a street that gives me the feeling of being somewhere completely new. I also love how supportive everyone is in this city. Many people here are highly driven and they moved here to work hard. I find that being surrounded by these folks keeps me very motivated. This isn’t a sleepy city; stuff is always happening.

What do you dislike? Really it comes down to one thing: traffic. Living here you can learn how to work around it or simply live with it. I’m lucky in that I can create my own schedule so it really isn’t much of an issue. When visiting you should definitely take that into account.

What would be surprising about LA to an outsider? I think the sprawl of Los Angeles is something to remember when visiting. You have to take the time to travel between areas. I always make sure I do my traveling between the late morning and early afternoon. Keep that in mind and you can avoid all the traffic.

If LA was a person or character who would it be? A David Lynch and Frank Ocean hybrid.







Jonpaul Douglass

Best place to eat?

Bäco Mercat

Best place to drink?
Cafe Stella

Best place to shop?

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Best outdoor activity?

Hiking and riding in the Ciclavia.

Local tip?

Plan around the traffic but keep your plans loose. No matter where you go, feel free to wander and blend in.

If someone was visiting what must they do? 

See an event at Hollywood Bowl or the Greek Theatre. A show at UCB is always fun. If those don’t work out, a Griffith Park hike is also a must-do.