The 15 Most Underrated Cities in the USA

Here at Global Yodel, we are lucky enough to get to explore a new place around the world just about every day. We teamed up with Expedia’s Viewfinder to share our 2015 nominations for the 15 most underrated cities in the USA. Join us as we explore some of the USA’s finest, and most underrated cities. From the vineyards of Walla Walla to pirate coves on Block Island make sure to put these cities on your must see list. Does your hometown deserve to be on the list? Tell us about it here!


Anacortes, Washington

We may be a little biased as Anacortes is where Global Yodel is headquartered. But it truly is a special place. Its home to Deception Pass State Park one of the most famous (and beautiful) parks in Washington State and has a ton of secret lesser known spots as well. Be sure to check out Whistle Lake in the summer for some cliff jumping. More tips and insight here and beautiful Washington images here


Annapolis, Maryland

“Annapolis, is an East Coast small historic town on the Chesapeake Bay. With cobble streets and architecture that resembles the colonial period, Annapolis provides a stunning backdrop to the sailboats on the water.” Check out more local insights from the town sometimes known as the Sailing Capital of the World.


Anchorage, Alaska

“For us, living in Anchorage is about exploring the mountains, rivers and coastlines that surround it. What you can get into just a few minutes out of town is world class.” Check out this beautiful photos series and local guide to Anchorage, Alaska.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Walk inside Michigan Stadium. Take strolls down Main Street and State Street, eat lunch and Zingerman’s Deli. Have a beer outside at Dominick’s.” Sounds like a great day to us. More local Ann Arbor tips here.


Block Island, Rhode Island

“Imagine rolling green hills divided by beautiful stone walls that stretch on for miles. Empty beaches with dark grey clay from bluffs that you can spread all over your body. Beautiful lighthouses and long walks to pirate coves.” Yes please! Amazing photos and local Block Island tips here.


Boulder, Colorado

We asked a local, if Boulder was a person who would it be. His answer: “Rob Lowe’s character from Parks & Recreation, because he loves to exercise. If you could mix him with Peter and Nance from Portlandia, I would say you have the Ultimate Boulderite. More Boulder Colorado local insights here.


Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman is an town, in a valley, surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides. Its a mix of young families, ranchers, outdoor-centered college kids and ski bums. Check out this beautiful Yodel chalk full of Bozeman local tips.


Hanalei, Kauai

“Kauai is a small island with a ton of beach bums, haha. What I mean is that everyone here does their job then gets a nice cold beer. What we call “Pau hana,” and after work treat. Go to the beach catch some waves, watch the sunset and call it a day.” More Kauai local insight here and inspiring Kauai images here


Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Local tip: “If you only visit one place in Minneapolis, please visit the Guthrie Theater. Its my favorite place in the entire city! I love sitting in one of their cafes drinking coffee, listening to the old school jazz they always seem to have playing while using their endless supply of free wifi.” More great local Minneapolis tips here.


Oakland, California 

Local tip: The Oakland Art Murmur on the first Friday night of the month is where you want to be. More tips and insight here.


Salt Lake City, Utah

“Salt Lake City is gorgeous and fantastic. A deep valley surrounded by a salty lake on one site and steep mountains (Utah accent) on the other. The city itself is big enough that there are plenty of interesting things to do and see year round but not big enough to be a headache.” Check out this beautiful Salt Lake City local guide.


San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo is know as the “Happiest City in America,” at least according to National Geographic and Oprah Winfrey. But really how could you not be happy living in such a beautiful area? Check out these amazing, moving van packing worthy, photos and tell us you disagree.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

We asked a Santa Fe local if she could sum up her city. Here is her response: “Santa Fe is a wonderful and unique city that offers so much culture and history. Plus its natural beauty is unlike anywhere I’ve been. The light and sky are pretty dramatic, which makes it a dream come true for photographers. Simply put, Santa Fe is a babe.” More beautiful photos and Santa Fe insight here.


Venice, Florida

“Venice is a time warp and that’s what I love about it. It’s a little island on the Gulf Coast of Florida separated from the mainland by three drawbridges.” Explore Venice from a locals perspective here.


Walla Walla, Washington

Walla Walla (no that is not a typo) is surrounded on all sides by vineyards and wheat fields. Just outside of town you will find the scenic Blue Mountains that cross into Oregon State. Sounds perfect. Lets go!